How to Buy Ark Coin: Using Coinbase and Binance

Ark is a platform that runs on its own blockchain. It allows for the creation of dApps and smart contracts, which are then run on the network. The Ark coin is used to fund these projects, as well as to pay transaction fees.

Ark is a cryptocurrency that is currently in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap. It has been around for quite some time now, and it’s still growing in popularity. If you want to buy Ark Coin, there are two ways to do so – through Coinbase or Binance. Read more in detail here: ark cryptocurrency news.

If you’re searching for a tutorial that will teach you how to purchase Ark, you’ve come to the right place. Learn all you need to know about buying Ark currency with our comprehensive step-by-step tutorial.

Is Now a Good Time to Purchase Ark Coin?

Ark is a cryptocurrency that launched its initial coin offering (ICO) in November 2016 but did not begin trading until March 2017. During its ICO, the currency set a target of raising 2,000 BTC, but only raised 1,200 BTC. That was about $998,000 USD at the time of closure. The price of an Ark token during the ICO was $0.01.

The Ark coin’s market, like that of many other cryptocurrencies, has been very volatile. The Ark token peaked in January 2017, with a price of approximately $9.20. Ark coin is now trading at $0.81. Although this is obviously lower than when the currency was at its height, there are many reasons to be enthusiastic about Ark.

What Is It That Makes People So Excited?

  • Ark is a blockchain platform that makes it simple to build and deploy blockchains. The platform also supports a broad range of programming languages. Java, Ruby, and Python are just a few examples, but there are many more. As a result, a broader variety of developers may build on the Ark platform, which helps to boost adoption.
  • Ark employs a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) method to provide users with a representative democracy. Holders of coins may designate a delegate using their stakes (Ark holdings). The transactions are then validated by the delegates, which aids protocol development. Because it allows for scalability, quicker transaction processing, and needs less technology than other consensus methods, this is beneficial for the coin’s future value.
  • The SmartBridge method establishes a link between private and public blockchains. This allows for conversation as well as data transmission between chains. This kind of technology is based on the idea that there will not be a single blockchain that will govern them all. Ark is therefore unaffected by the success or failure of a particular blockchain.
  • There are many applications for Ark. It may be used in a variety of companies or sectors that use blockchain technology. An Ark card, for example, is a common use case. Ark would promote user adoption with this card by allowing payment without the need of a credit card or bank account. Debit card transactions were $2.56 trillion USD in 2016. If Ark were to replace only 5% of this market, it would handle $128 billion in transactions.

Prediction for Ark Coin


Rather than focusing on the price of Ark currency, let’s consider the value Ark is expected to provide to different sectors. Ark can help a broad variety of businesses with their SmartBridge technology. Ark, for instance, has the potential to be a significant player in high-security data settings. This $14 billion industry is projected to expand even further, bringing in as much as $27 billion in sales by 2023.

Some say that Ark tries to do too much, but the platform is committed to making changes and upgrades in order to offer a better experience. The following are just a handful of the Ark projects planned for late 2018 and early 2019.

Version 2 of the Desktop Wallet

Ark has announced the release of a new version of its desktop wallet. Users may look forward to a better experience, which will feature bespoke plugins. Users can now access and see their Ark from a single place, as well as alter their delegate and check Ark market information.

Ark Pay

Ark intends to offer an open-source framework to online merchants that will allow them to accept Ark digital money as a method of payment. This implies that individuals who utilize Ark as a payment option will have more businesses to choose from when making purchases and transactions.

Blockchain with a Push Button

Users will be able to create an Ark clone using the Ark Deployer GUI. The Ark Main Chain will be linked to the push-button deployment through SmartBridge. This implies that any company that wants to fork Ark may do so without difficulty. Not only will this increase acceptance and growth, but it will also make it easier to install a blockchain fast.

v2 of Ark Core

Ark’s core node is undergoing a full overhaul, with a completion date set for the end of 2018. The code is being rebuilt from the ground up. Users will notice faster transaction output, faster processing, improved stability, numerous payment transactions, and increased scalability as a result of this. Users will benefit from a platform that is both safe and scalable.

Because the platform is so ambitious, determining a real value for Ark is difficult. As you can see, it’s working on a lot of projects, and these are only a handful of the ones on Ark’s to-do list. It’s simple to see how Ark might rapidly become a currency worth keeping, given its passive ROI, push-button blockchain implementation, and potential for an all-in-one solution.

Where Can I Purchase Ark Coin?

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The Binance exchange is without a doubt the most popular location to purchase Ark, with over 55 percent of all trading activity for the currency taking place there. If you already own Bitcoin or Ethereum, move forward to the Binance exchange portion of this article, create an account, and get your cryptocurrencies in minutes.

If you’re new to the crypto sector, you’ll need to start with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Coinbase is the best place to start. It’s a fully regulated exchange that accepts bank card deposits and is often regarded as the most user-friendly on the market. Coinbase is now home to over 25 million users. So, if you’re setting up an account there to trade cryptocurrency, you’ll be in good company.

How to Create a Coinbase Account

How to Buy Ark Coin: Using Coinbase and BinanceCore Info

  • The Most Popular Cryptocurrency Entry Method: The exchange is already used by over 25 million individuals.
  • Coinbase is completely compliant with legislation and has not taken any shortcuts.
  • Deposit Fiat Currency: The exchange is one of the few that takes USD, EUR, and GBP deposits. Use a bank card or a bank transfer to fund your account.
  • On the exchange, you may buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, or BAT.
  • Beginner Friendly: The exchange has put a lot of effort into making purchasing cryptocurrency as easy as possible.

With Coinbase, you may begin purchasing Ark Coin. If you sign up with TotalCrypto and spend more than $100, you will get a $10 bonus.

We understand how perplexing it may be to open a Coinbase account. As a result, we’ve created a comprehensive essay that walks you through each step.

How Do I Purchase On Coinbase?

After you’ve set up your Coinbase account, you’ll need to purchase some Bitcoin or Ethereum in order to purchase Ark currency on the Binance exchange. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions to have your bitcoin in no time.

  1. Make sure you’re signed in, then click the ‘Buy/Sell’ option at the top of the page. How to Buy Ark Coin: Using Coinbase and Binance
  2. You will be prompted to ‘Add a Payment Method’ on a screen. That button should be pressed. How to Buy Ark Coin: Using Coinbase and Binance
  3. Select a deposit method: What you should know is that bank transfers are the cheapest method to deposit on Coinbase. The disadvantage is that the transfer may take up to five working days to complete. If you need to make a deposit quickly, you may do it using PayPal or a bank card. However, you’ll have to pay a charge of 3.99 percent for the convenience. How to Buy Ark Coin: Using Coinbase and Binance
  4. After your funds have arrived in your Coinbase account, the next step is to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum. To do so, go to the ‘Buy/Sell’ tab and choose the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase. How to Buy Ark Coin: Using Coinbase and Binance
  5. Enter the amount of money you want to spend on the cryptocurrency and choose the payment method from your wallet. How to Buy Ark Coin: Using Coinbase and Binance
  6. Finally, double-check your purchase and click the “Confirm” button to finalize it. Your purchase will be completed, and your cryptocurrency will be deposited to your Coinbase account immediately.

You should be aware that Coinbase offers a somewhat cheaper method to purchase bitcoin. You’ll have to leap through another hoop as a result of this. In a separate post, we teach you how to utilize Coinbase Pro (previously GDAX) to cut your costs even further.

Create an Ark Wallet.

Before you establish your Binance account, make sure you have your Ark wallet set up. The reason for this is because investors should never keep their currencies on an exchange. If you’re new to the crypto world, you should be aware that many exchanges have been hacked in the past, and you never know what goes on behind closed doors at any exchange. Yes, this may seem suspicious, but if you read our post on the MT GOX hack (formerly the world’s largest crypto exchange), we’re confident you’ll begin to see the rationale behind it.

What is the finest Ark wallet in our opinion? We don’t believe you can go wrong with the official Ark wallet, which was created by the developers themselves.

The Official Wallet is where you may save your Ark Coins.

Getting Started With Binance

Binance is well-known for being a haven for cryptocurrency investors. This is due to the fact that they have the largest trading volume of any exchange and provide a wide range of cryptocurrencies, making them a popular option among the crypto community. The TotalCrypto team buys its bitcoin on Binance themselves. We don’t believe you need to search much further for crypto exchanges to purchase Ark currency.

How to Buy Ark Coin: Using Coinbase and Binance

Core Info

  • The Most Popular Altcoin Exchange: Binance is the most popular altcoin exchange on the market.
  • Beginner Friendly: The exchange has a basic interface that makes it very simple to operate.
  • Mobile Applications: The exchange has apps for both iOS and Android. Anywhere you want to trade.
  • Cryptocurrency is the sole way to make a deposit.
  • Large Coin Selection: The exchange offers over 100 different cryptocurrencies.

The World’s Most Popular Exchange Is Where You Can Buy Ark Coin.

It’s not easy to set up a bitcoin exchange account. All of the procedures are outlined in our Binance exchange setup guide.

What Is The Best Way To Transfer Money From Coinbase To Binance?

Now that your Binance account is up and running, the next step is to fund it with Bitcoin or Ethereum. You’ll need to move your bitcoin from Coinbase to Binance to do this. We’ll teach you how to accomplish it in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Locate your Binance deposit address.

  • Make sure you’re signed into your Binance account, then go to the top of your screen and click the ‘Funds’ option, then ‘Deposits.’ How to Buy Ark Coin: Using Coinbase and Binance
  • Important: You risk losing your money if you transfer Bitcoin to an Ethereum address or Ethereum to a Bitcoin address. If you have Bitcoin, be sure you choose it, or Ethereum if you have ETH.
  • The address of your Binance deposit will then be shown. Simply copy this address and utilize it on Coinbase at a later time. How to Buy Ark Coin: Using Coinbase and Binance

Step 2: Transferring Money From Coinbase To Binance

  • Select the ‘Accounts’ option after you’ve logged into Coinbase.
  • Click the ‘send’ button to transfer the bitcoin you possess. How to Buy Ark Coin: Using Coinbase and Binance
  • A form to conduct a bitcoin transfer will appear. In the ‘Recipient’ box, paste your Binance deposit address. Then specify how much cryptocurrency you wish to transfer to Binance. How to Buy Ark Coin: Using Coinbase and Binance
  • Your transaction will be completed and your money will be placed on Binance after you click “Continue.”

What Is The Best Way To Buy Ark Coin On Binance?

You’ll be able to purchase Ark currency after your Bitcoin or Ethereum deposit has arrived in your Binance account. Simply follow our instructions and you’ll have your coins in no time.

  • Go to the Binance homepage after you’ve signed in. After that, you’ll be presented with a variety of market options. The initial step is to choose the appropriate trading pair. If you deposited Ethereum, choose ‘ETH Markets,’ and if you deposited Bitcoin, choose ‘BTC Markets.’ Then, in the search box, type ARK. This will display the appropriate market for you. The Binance trading screen will appear after clicking on ARK/BTC or ARK/ETH. How to Buy Ark Coin: Using Coinbase and Binance
  • The Biance trading panel seems to be very complex when you first open it. All you have to do now is pick the ‘Market’ option (this allows you to buy Ark coins at the current market price). Then just type in the amount of coins you wish to purchase. You may also spend a specific proportion of your Binance balance to purchase cryptocurrencies. Simply click the percentage buttons to activate this function. How to Buy Ark Coin: Using Coinbase and Binance
  • Your order will be completed after you press the ‘Buy ARK’ button. Your new Ark coins will be deposited to your Binance account immediately.

What Is The Best Way To Send Ark Coin To The Ark Wallet?

You’ve gotten your hands on Ark currency, which is fantastic. The last decision you must make is whether to keep your coins on Binance or remove them from the exchange. We advise you to take your coins from the exchange. Binance is, after all, the largest exchange, which makes it the most attractive target for hackers. Withdrawing your coins from the exchange also means you have control over your cryptocurrency and are not reliant on Binance’s security precautions.

It’s ultimately up to you. However, if you want to transfer your Ark to your Ark wallet, follow these steps:

  • Copy your public address from your Ark wallet. How to Buy Ark Coin: Using Coinbase and Binance
  • Click ‘Funds’ at the top of your screen after logging into your Binance account. ‘Withdrawals’ will appear in the drop-down menu. Simply press the button.
  • When you click on the cryptocurrency box at the top of the page, a drop-down menu will appear, displaying all of Binance’s currencies. Choose an Ark coin. A field labeled ‘ARK Withdrawal Address’ appears on the withdrawal form. Enter your Ark wallet’s public address and the amount of coins you wish to withdraw here. Once you click the “Submit” button, your money will be transferred to your wallet.How to Buy Ark Coin: Using Coinbase and Binance

Final Thoughts

Ark is a highly ambitious cryptocurrency that is always being updated and improved in order to boost user acceptance. The projects have a lot of potential since they provide innovative solutions and high-quality experiences to Ark currency holders. Ark’s SmartBridge technology prioritizes customer uptake, making it a potentially excellent long-term investment.

However, there are certain disadvantages to Ark. The currency has limited usage and relationships at the moment, but that may change shortly. Furthermore, because of the Ark team’s ambition, some argue that the platform takes on too much at once. A more concentrated team may be able to provide an even better product.

Finally, it is up to you to decide whether or not to invest in Ark. There are a slew of advantages to owning Ark cryptocurrency. You’ll be happy you did if the currency achieves the adoption rate it seeks.


DISCLAIMER: The activity of the cryptoassets discussed in this paper is uncontrolled. This post is not intended to provide financial advice. Always do independent research.

Ark is a cryptocurrency that can be bought and sold on the exchange Binance. The ark coin twitter is a good way to find out more about this cryptocurrency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy Ark on Binance?

Unfortunately, Binance does not allow users to buy Ark on their platform. This is due to the fact that they are a centralized exchange and do not want to be liable for any potential problems that might arise with the use of their service.

How do I buy Ark coin?

You can buy Ark coins on the official website.

Can you buy Binance coin on Coinbase?

No, Binance does not accept any form of payment on Coinbase.

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